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[VIDEO] The Star Trek Universe - The Enterprise Lineage...

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Sci-Fi Quotes– Star Trek: Enterprise #3

The third installment of interesting quotes from Star Trek: Enterprise:

Season 2, Episode 23 "Regeneration"
Hoshi: "If you come near me, I'm supposed to shoot you."
Dr. Phlox: "You will use the 'stun' setting?"

Season 2, Episode 24 "First Flight"

Archer: "Was that a compliment?"
T'Pol: "An observation."

Season 2, Episode 25 "Bounty"

Dr. Phlox: "Perhaps you need another sedative."
T'Pol: "Rest is NOT what I need!"

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[VIDEO] Free Sci-Fi Friday---"Attack From Space" (1959)

"Attack From Space" is a Japanese Sci-Fi film dubbed in English. I could say a lot about this movie, But I'll leave you to make you're own conclusions!

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[VIDEO] Free Sci-Fi Friday–”Tales Of Frankenstein" (Pilot--1958)

This is the Pilot episode of "Tales Of Frankenstein," the unsold TV anthology series, called, "The Face In The Tombstone Mirror."

A quick synopsis of the episode from IMDB:

In this pilot for a series that was never picked up, Dr. Frankenstein has just finished rebuilding his creation, but the monster is unresponsive. He needs to try something different to make it work, perhaps some new parts. Enter a terminally ill sculptor and his assertive wife....

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Sci-Fi Quotes– Star Trek: Enterprise #2

More quotes from my rewatching of Star Trek: Enterprise...

Season 2, Episode 19 "Judgment":
T'Pol: "It's a D-5 Battle Cruiser. I doubt it's bringing supplies."

Advocate Kolos: "If Captain Archer is guilty, he is guilty of nothing more than being a nuisance."

Season 2, Episode 21 "The Breach"

Trip: "You'll be alright"
Travis: "Respectfully, sir. It's not me that I'm worried about"

Season 2, Episode 22 "Cogenitor"

Trip: "It'll be nice to have a First Contact where nobody's thinking about charging weapons."
Dr. Phlox: "It should protect you from Omicron Radiation for about...twelve years."
Trip: "That should be enough."

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[VIDEO] Free Sci-Fi Friday--"Unknown World (1951)"

This weeks Free Sci-Fi Friday installment: "Unknown World (1951)."
See my review here.
And, if you don't know about "Free Sci-Fi Friday" at The Sci-Fi Dude yet, click here to learn more.

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Sci-Fi Quotes-- Star Trek: Enterprise....

There are lots of memorable and interesting lines that run throughout Science Fiction and I thought it'd be fun to post some of the ones I run across. Since I'm currently re-watching Star Trek: Enterprise, I decided I'll post some quotes from the episodes I watch. Whatever I watch or read, I'll be sure to post what jumps out at me.

Season 2, Episode 16 "Future Tense":

Malcolm: "Maybe he got a ride from someone."
Trip: "That's got to be a world record for hitchicking."

T'Pol: "I'm not sure Daniels would approve of this."
Archer: "Well keep it to ourselves."

Archer: "What did he [a Tholian] say?"
Hoshi: "I don't know. But I don't think he was paying you a compliment."

Archer: "I wonder if they'll [the Vulcan High Command] believe that Humans
and Vulcans will be...swapping chromosomes one day."
T'Pol: "They're more likely to believe in time travel."

Season 2, Episode 17 "Canamar":

Kuroda Lor-ehn: "I may not know how to fly this ship. But I'm sure I can figure out how to crash it!"

Season 2, Episode 18 "The Crossing":

Trip: "I was looking down at the three of us. But not with my eyes."

Dr. Phlox: "I've used every muscle I've got. It won't budge!"

More to come soon!

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[VIDEO] Q&A With Star Trek: TNG's LeVar Burton

Q&A with LeVar Burton. This is a great vid. But at 5:07-5:13, he nearly broke my heart. :-) Enjoy...

Source: TrekMovie.Com

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[VIDEO] Galactica 1980: Cylon vs. Microwave Oven

When evil alien robots actually do invade Earth, if everybody cranks up their microwave ovens we just might be able to fend off complete and total annihilation!

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[VIDEO] Free Sci-Fi Friday--"Killers From Space" (1954)

A new feature of The Sci-Fi Dude blog is going to be "Free Sci-Fi Friday." I decided instead of just reviewing Science Fiction, I'd also put some up for you (and me) to enjoy. These will be older classics that are freely available in the public domain. But you'll find them here and won't have to hunt them down to enjoy them.

The first installment of Free Sci-Fi Friday is "Killers From Space" (1954) staring a 28 year-old Peter Graves. ENJOY!

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Conventions Anyone?

Would you believe me if I told you I've never been to a Science Fiction convention (and, yes. That includes my beloved Star Trek)? It's not that I wouldn't love to go to one. It's just cost and time prohibitive. Not to mention there's not one close to me that I know of.  If I do ever go to a convention, you better believe I'll be dressed in Trek garb.


I tell you this for a reason. I want to live vicariously through you and your convention experiences. If you've ever been to one, let me know. Send me a quick write-up. Tell me about your favorite time at a Science Fiction convention. Let me know about the celebrities you've met. Even send me some pics. I'll post your stories and pics here for others to enjoy as well (unless, of course, you'd prefer I didn't).

So go ahead and send those stories and/or pics. I can't wait!!
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To Watch or Read...That Is My Question

There was a time not so long ago that I was devouring Science Fiction short stories and novels. I would spend hours reading that should've been spent sleeping. Much like other genres, some Science Fiction stories make it extremely hard to put them down.

Then I rediscovered Netflix, Hulu, etc.

I decided I needed to rewatch some of my favorite Science Fiction TV shows, in order, so I could be sure I hadn't missed any episodes or storylines/archs. I watched every episode of the original Twilight Zone, the original Outer Limits then the second version. Had to make sure I'd seen every episode of Stargate SG-1 and, of course, I had to follow that up with Stargate Atlantis. Oh, and then there was all nine seasons of The X-Files.

If you've read this blog very much, you know that I'm a devoted Star Trek fan. All the adventures of the starship Voyager were next. Now I'm working my way through Star Trek: Enterprtise...

...but I'm beginning to miss the written word. I sit here looking at the books on my bedside table: "The Good That Men Do" (ST:Enterprise), "Crossover" (Star Trek), "The World Inside," by Robert Silverberg "Childhood's End," by Arthur C. Clarke and "Wonderous Beginnings" an anthology of the first published stories of some of the greats.

So, now I have to decide which to spend my spare time (what tiny bit I have) with. I don't want to leave Enterprise "unfinished." But my brain seems to be longing for more use :)

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The Future Is Coming...

Love this idea (naturally)! :D

Be sure to check out "Build The Enterprise" @

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[VIDEO] Star Wars Theme A Cappella (Vocal Only)...

This guy is feaking amazing! I'm waiting for some Star Trek theme covers (naturally :-] )

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Classic Sci-Fi TV Show Remakes...

I love the classics of Science Fiction TV. I watch a lot of them too. During a recent marathon of the original "The Outer Limits" I got to thinking about the other version of the show. That led me to think about the three versions of "The Twilight Zone" which, in turn, led me to thinking about all the other classic Science Fiction TV shows that have more than one version. A lot of people don't even realize it, but there have been four (4) versions of "The Invisible Man."

Well, it seems there is a lack of creativity coming from Sci-Fi TV lately. So, I started thinking of other classics I wouldn't mind seeing new versions of.

The two that come to mind right off are, "Space 1999" (I would love to see a new version of the Eagle Transport) and "Lost In Space" (Robbie the Robot re-imagined...can you imagine?).

As fellow Sci-Fi fans, I'm curious what you think about this. What classic Sci-Fi TV shows would you like to see new versions of? Even if yours are the same as mine, that's fine. Leave your ideas in the comments section. I look forward to reading them.

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[VIDEO] How The USS Voyager Should've Made It Home!

First, I do apologize for my absense the last few months. I won't bore you with details. Suffice it to say succinctly, "Crap happens" (on a fairly regular/consistent basis for some of us). But, NONETHELESS...we will forge on!!!!!  Normally I don't care for SF "Mashups," but this was such an awesome idea and so well done, I genuinely felt the strong need to initiate the telepathic (or videopathic [is that a new word I just made up?]) bond between our peoples that have a lot in common just by being SF (and Star Trek) fans!


And be sure to leave any comments.


Live Long And Prosper

Joey Phillips


"The SciFiDude"
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[VIDEO] MUST WATCH!! How To Build Your Own Science Fiction Armor...

This is a great demonstration of making awesome Science Fiction armor. IF you've never seen somebody do something like this, it will probably blow you away. It sure did me!

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Science Fiction Movie Review--"Super 8" (2011)

****Be Advised: This Review May Contain SPOLIERS!***

Written & Directed by J.J. Abrams, Produced by Steven Spielberg. Starring: Elle Fanning, Amanda (AJ) Michalka, Joel Courtney & Kyle Chandler.

So I finally bit the bullet and watched “Super 8.” I’ve hesitated to watch it because I’ve heard so many negative comments and read so many bad or semi-bad reviews of it. But, it really came down to the fact that most of the time I feel the opposite of others and have to check it out for myself. Note I said most of the time…

The first thing about this movie that should send up a red flag is its title. Compare the title “Super 8” to the likes of “War of the Worlds,” “Invaders From Mars,” “E.T. The Extraterrestrial,” “Star Wars,” or “The Black Hole,” to name a few. What do you notice? All those titles tell something of what the movie’s story is about. When I hear the title “Super 8,” I immediately think the movie is going to involve of a group of eight Superheroes. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was surprised to learn it was called “Super 8” because a group of kids were doing a zombie movie using the old Super 8 camcorder. That, at least, gives us an indication of when the story takes place (1979). I know some will probably argue that it makes sense because the kids filmed the train wreck on the Super 8 camcorder thus starting the meat of the story. But I say that is simply a way to excuse and dismiss a bad title (Yes, there are those that would think that it can’t be wrong if it comes from Spielberg or Abrams. C’mon, people. They’re not creativity gods or something!). A better title would’ve been something along the lines of, “The Alien That Just Wanted To Go Home.” And, yes. I know that’s lame but I think it makes my point.

The progression of the story starts so slow, has so little action In the beginning that I almost turned it off before it got started. I know movies have to give us back-story and show the relationships of the main characters. But fully the first half, and maybe more (I didn't actually time it) seemed more like a Young Love-type story between Joe Lamb and Alice Dainard (played by Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning, quite good too). Honestly, if “Super 8” wasn’t supposed to be a Science Fiction story it would’ve been fine. Another issue with story in this movie is that it was a worn out, predictable story. A movie about an alien that’s misunderstood and (or because) he simply wants to get off the rat hole that is Earth and go home has been done before.

The two most positive things about “Super 8” were the special effects and the acting.  Even though the effects were pretty atypical of modern Science Fiction/Action movies they were done really well. Although, I have to say the alien reminded me of a dog! :-D

I thought Kyle Chandler (“Early Edition,” “Friday Night Lights”) did an awesome job as Jackson Lamb, the previously mentioned Joe Lamb’s father. Jackson, who is a Sheriff’s Deputy in the beginning, takes control, essentially becoming the new Sheriff, after the Sheriff disappears and the Air Force comes in and takes over the town. The character is supposed to be more of a supporting role. The kids are the main character focus. In my opinion, though, it was Deputy Lamb that moved the story along quicker and better.

Overall, “Super 8” was just an o.k. Science Fiction movie. The story was slow and tired but done fairly decent. I would cautiously recommend it if you can’t find anything better or you just like these kinds of stories.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Be sure to leave your comment(s) below. I'm curious what you think...agree or disagree.  :-)

Watch The Official “Super 8” Trailer:

(Reload the page if the video doesn't show up)

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Star Trek Online Free to Play & A Game Trailer...

Since Star Trek Online launched their F2P, I thought I'd share a trailer from the game.

Sign up to play for FREE  here.

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"The Time Element" 1st Twilight Zone pilot Rejected by CBS...

The Time Element - Rod Serling (1958) by poiemajeremiah

This is the script/show that didn't sell "The Twilight Zone" to CBS. But it was picked up by Desilu as a one time show. After seeing the success of "The Time Element" CBS gave Rod Serling another chance and the episode, "Where Is Everybody" became the first (and historical) episode of the greatset Science Fiction anthology series in Television history.
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Continuing Stargate Atlantis: DVD Movie or TV Mini-Series?

Since the fifth and final season of “Stargate: Atlantis” in 2008, there has been the debate over continuing the story lines in some fashion. It mainly centers on having a TV mini-series for closure to the series, or having DVD movies.

To me, a TV mini-series would feel too much like finality (which, I guess, is the point of closure). Once the mini-series is over and off the air, there’s no room left for more stories. On the other hand, a movie always leaves things open for a future. There’s a chance there could be sequels (case in point: the SG-1 movies, “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” followed by “Stargate: Continuum” followed, seemingly, by “Stargate: Revolution”).

I know some will say that with movies you only get one story at a time. This is true. At the same time, that’s really what a mini-series is, just in an expanded nature. With movies you can have “bigger” and more focused stories. Not to mention, the story flows better.

Aside from the story issue, the biggest thing is, like I said above, the finality of a TV mini-series. So I guess it comes down to this: Do you really want “Stargate: Atlantis” to end or continue?

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion...what’s yours?

Note: For those that may not know, there is already a “Stargate: Atlantis” movie planned. It is tentatively titled “Stargate: Extinction.” But it, like the SG-1 movie, “Revolution,” has been put on hold by TPTB...supposedly because of the current status of the economy...and the fact that “Stargate: Universe” bombed and is being canceled.
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Obscure British Science Fiction TV Shows--Part 2

 Here is the second of three posts on those little-known or forgotten British Science Fiction TV shows. This and the next part will list eleven of these shows.

You may expect all of these to be in the Classic Science Fiction range, which a lot of fans consider to be from the 1950's and earlier. And there are some classics from the 50's. But there are some from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's as well. Case in point is the first one in today's list: 1991's "Dark Season" starring Kate Winslet.

O.K. Enough rambling. On to the second part of the list:

 1991 British Science Fiction TV Show Dark Season

  1. Dark Season (1991)
  2. Time Is The Enemy (1958)
  3. Secret World Of Polly Flint (1981)
  4. Children Of The Stones (1977)
  5. Man Dog (1972)
  6. The Trollenberg  Terror (1956)
  7. Plateau Of Fear (1961)
  8. The Lost Planet (1954)
  9. Return To The Lost Planet (1955)
  10. Century Falls (1993)
  11. Edge Of Darkness (1985)
Truthfully, some of these obscure British Science Fiction TV shows are better than others, but they all deserve a watch. You owe it to yourself to see them if you can.

I plan to see as many of them as I can and write up some reviews. I haven't seen them all, but the ones I have seen I'll watch again if I can find them so my reviews will be "fresh."

Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me of your memories of any of these shows---or anything else you like to say. :)
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Obscure British Science Fiction TV Shows

The British have been involved in Science Fiction since...well, let's just say...a long time. But it seems that, at least in the last sixty years or so, their biggest influence has been in Science Fiction television.

1973 British Science Fiction TV Show Moonbase 3

So I came up with a list of 32 shows that are either little-known or simply forgotten. Most of these British Science Fiction TV shows are short serials of three to seven parts/episodes. But that doesn't make them any less quality entertainment.

I'll share the list with you and you tell me if you know of or remember any of them. It would be great if you would share your memories, good or bad, of the ones you remember.

I'm going to break this down into three posts so you don't have too much to read at one time. Now on to the list:

  1. Time Express (1979)
  2. Moonbase 3 (1973)
  3. Bliss (1995)
  4. First Born (1988)
  5. Space School (1956)
  6. The Nightmare Man (1981)
  7. The Changes (1975)
  8. The Escape of R.D. 7 (1961)
  9. Voodoo Factor (1959)
  10. Legend of Death (1965)
Ther are more than 32 of these great forgotten British Science Fiction TV Shows. But, quite honestly, the research to find them has been long and tiring. In the future, I may (O.K. probably will) continue the search. If you know of any, leave a comment and let me know so I can add to my list.

Look for the 2nd and 3rd parts of this post in a few days.
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Classic Science Fiction Movie Review--"First Spaceship On Venus" (1960)

With most Science Fiction movies I watch, I either like them or I don't. Rarely do I run across one that has me still trying to decide which it is hours after I see it. But "First Spaceship On Venus" turned out to be one of them.

Before I saw it, I had high expectations, especially considering it was based on a Stanislaw Lem story. Then I found out that Lem disowned the movie and my expectations dropped like a rock thrown out of an airplane! I'm not sure how closely the story was based on Lem's (and, I confess, I've never read it), but there wasn't much originality.

After the first few minutes, "First Spaceship On Venus" seemed like a documentary but it did eventually progress into a decent movie. I thought it was going to be another one of those long, drawn-out, boring  Science Fiction movies (an example here). Well, it did seem rather long, but it was interesting enough to keep my interest (which isn't easy for any movie).

I won't speak much to the acting because, quite frankly, some of it was good and some was downright bad. And I don't think it was the writing this time, or the directing. But the (bad) acting just felt more like a lack of talent. You can tell they tried their best. Unfortunately, it wasn't good enough.

The special effects...ah, that's where "First Spaceship On Venus" shines! The Venusian landscape, with it's virbrant color and unusual, wispy, cloud-like vapors oozes a sense of realism! Especially top-notch for the time period. And, of course, there's the spaceship, The Cosmostrator (background...image at top}. Probably the coolest ship I've ever seen in a Science Fiction movie. The only real issues I had was that little tank-with-somewhat-of-a-head robot. That was childish and silly looking. Also, it didn't portray much in the way of heat. Remember, Venus is closer to the Sun than Earth, so it wold be much, much hotter.

It's important to note that this was a German/Polish collaboration. The original version (Der Schweigende Stern) was some 130 minutes long while the US version was cut down to around 78 minutes. This explains the issue I had with with the editing that made the movie jump around like it didn't know where it was supposed to go. It also explains the horrible dubbing attempt. But I won't count points off for those.

I'm still not sure if I like it more than I don't but, overall, "First Spaceship On Venus" surpassed my expectations. I definitely recommend watching it. It's a good way to spend your spare time on a clear night when Venus is shining.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 (B-Movie scale)
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Classic Science Fiction Movie Review--"First Man Into Space" (1959)

 Be Advised: This Review May Contain **Spoilers**


Made 10 years before the Moon Landing, the question of "First Man Into Space" is a particularly poinient one. How far can a man go into space and what might be the effects on him? These are questions that NASA surely asked before attempting to go to the Moon. Granted, the film's answer to the question is a bit far-fetched, but important nonetheless.

"First Man Into Space" is the story of reckless Navy test-pilot Lieutenant Dan Prescott (Bill Edwards) who disobeys orders (and possibly common sense) by pushing not one, but two untested rocket-planes beyond their limits. He pays the price for his recklessness when the second rocket-plane, the Y-13(pictured above), travels over 250 miles into space. The Y-13 runs into some cosmic asteroid dust and transforms him into a being that cannot breath in Earth's atmosphere.

I have to say the most redeeming quality of this movie is the acting. No doubt many will disagree with me, calling the acting lame, etc. But for a low-budget film, I think it's more than adequate. The best performance goes to Bill Edwards(pictured above with Marla Landi). Edwards does a good job of making us sympathize with the creature he becomes (as well as not like the man he was). He gives us a strong portrayal of the plight and confusion of a creature that has been unwillingly changed, one that has needs it doesn't understand. Marshall Thompson("It! The Terror from Beyond Space") is convincing as Dan's responsible and level-headed brother, Commander Charles Prescott. He is the anti-Dan, portraying the typical, by-the-book Naval Officer. But, at the same time, shows caring and sympathy for Dan's girlfriend, Tia Francesca, at the loss of the man she planned to marry. Probably the weakest of the lead acting is Marla Landi, who is Tia. Her portrayal of Tia isn't bad by any means, just a little weaker than the others. To be honest, I feel the weakness of Marla's performance is due to the writing...a character needs to be strongly written for the portrayal to be strong.

The special effects in "First Man Into Space" were rather sparse, so if that's why you watch Science Fiction, classic or otherwise, you'll be disappointed. The best of the special effects are when Dan and the Y-13 are spiraling out of control after coming in contact with the asteroid dust cloud. Even so, the effect does look cheap. It seems that instead of the Y-13 spiraling down, it's actually the camera being rotated up, around, and down. For a 1950's low-budget film not really that bad but it does look strange and disappointing 51 years later.
Bill Edwards as "The Monster" w/Marshall Thompson

The story was actually pretty cool, giving us an example of what can happen if we are so driven to be #1 that we are willing to do anything, including risking our life, to get there. I wish there had been more background on the brothers, even if it was interspersed among the dialog. I think more background of Dan and Charles would've lent more credibility to the actions of the characters. Was Dan always reckless and irresponsible or did he experience something that changed him and made him that way? The same for Charles. Did he always want to be a Navy Officer or did he have dreams of being something else? Maybe he joined the Navy because his father wanted him too. I know these questions, and the answers that would have been needed, would lengthen the film, but that's not a bad thing considering "First Man Into Space" runs short at only 78 minutes.

As with any film, there were things that could have been done different, even better. But if you are a fan of classic Science Fiction, I think you'll have a good time with "First Man Into Space." I recommend watching this film. Just don't let yourself be turned into a blood-thirsty alien!

My rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 (B-Movie scale)
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Classic Science Fiction Movie Review--"Assignment: Outer Space" (1960) --Death By Film!

Be Advised: This Review May Contain **Spoilers**


I try. I swear, I really do. I try to find some reason to write a positive review of every movie. But some just won't let me. It's almost as if they were made just to give the world of Science Fiction something bad.

Case in point: "Assignment: Outer Space" from 1960.

I realize this was an Italian-made, B-movie. I don't hold B-movies to the same standards as "A-movies." But even a B-movie can have some life to it. Even they have some budget. The producer(s) of "Assignment: Outer Space" must not have been able to convince a real movie studio it was worth investing in. I bet they broke open the kids' piggy bank. That would be about right---a budget of around $1.37.

Where do I begin? How about the story itself?

It's the story of a reporter that is assigned to cover a routine check of infra-radiation in the M:12 Galaxy in 2116. He winds up traveling around in a spaceship trying to help avert a disaster that is about to annihilate life on earth. A fairly standard if not way overdone story. But not done well...even for 1960.

The musical score is minimal at best and not effective. In short, it would've been no worse without any music whatsoever.

The special effects--what there were--were horrid!

"Assignment: Outer Space" had plenty of cheesy melodrama but no suspense and almost no emotion. The acting made the characters seem so bored they were worse than a Vulcan with no logical work to do.

Some of the technology was so outright dumb, I wonder if anybody involved in making this movie had any idea what science and technology were...even in 1960.

The reporter supposedly had been on many trips to the moon and had taken training before he left earth. Still, he was scared stupid at the thought of being in space.

To get from one ship (or space station) to another they didn't use a transporter-type device or even a shuttle of some kind. So how do they do it? Simple. They just jump out of the ship and float toward their intended target. No guidence system of any kind, no booster rockets, not even a tether. Yet they always make it just fine. Maybe in 2116, we'll all have GPS imbedded in our brain. Yeah. That would work!

To travel to do "space work" they fly around in "Space Taxi's." In one scene, the reporter and Al are flying around in an asteroid belt so the reporter can get some pictures. These "Space Taxi's" do not have enclosed cockpits. They're Convertibles with the top down--in space!

Half of the dialog seemed to be there just fill in holes in the script. It didn't move the story along very well at all. However, there was one exchange between the reporter and Al, near the beginning, that I thought was amusing: 

Reporter: "The coffin was much too small. Couldn't you have found me a bigger one to sleep in?"
 Al: "We don't have one, Leech."
 Reporter: "Why'd you call me that?"
 Al: "No offense, kid. It just means out here you're a parasite."

Now that was funny! But I think the movie was supposed to be serious.

There were many inconsistancies in the plot but I don't want to bore you as much as the movie did me, so I'll leave them out.

Is there anything about "Assignment: Outer Space" that I particularly liked? Actually, yes. The ship was pretty cool!

Overall, "Assignment: Outer Space" was a boring, slow-moving movie with no real entertainment value. If you have the chance to yawn through this movie, trust me, you'd be better off watching "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

You wont fall asleep quite so fast.

My rating: 1/2 out of 5 (B-movie scale)
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The Crotchety Old (Science Fiction) Fan Needs Our Help!!

 I just found out that my friend Steve (of  The Classic Science Fiction Channel) has had his blog, The Crotchety Old Fan, hacked and un-indexed by Google! Steve really knows what he's talking about when it comes to Science Fiction and he needs our help. Keith Graham offers some tips to help Steve on his blog.

Steve works tirelessly on his sites and we need to do everything we can for him.Having his site hacked must be like having a very sick child. I can't say that I've been there, but I know if I ever get there, Steve would be there to help. If there is any Science Fiction site you should read every day, it's Steve's The Crotchety Old Fan.  But you can't do that if it's not there.

Science Fiction fans need to stick together in today's world of SF knock-offs and unimaginative creations........

So be sure to check out Keith Graham's blog for some things we can do for Steve and see  his post on COF about this.
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