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The Crotchety Old (Science Fiction) Fan Needs Our Help!!

 I just found out that my friend Steve (of  The Classic Science Fiction Channel) has had his blog, The Crotchety Old Fan, hacked and un-indexed by Google! Steve really knows what he's talking about when it comes to Science Fiction and he needs our help. Keith Graham offers some tips to help Steve on his blog.

Steve works tirelessly on his sites and we need to do everything we can for him.Having his site hacked must be like having a very sick child. I can't say that I've been there, but I know if I ever get there, Steve would be there to help. If there is any Science Fiction site you should read every day, it's Steve's The Crotchety Old Fan.  But you can't do that if it's not there.

Science Fiction fans need to stick together in today's world of SF knock-offs and unimaginative creations........

So be sure to check out Keith Graham's blog for some things we can do for Steve and see  his post on COF about this.

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