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Obscure British Science Fiction TV Shows

The British have been involved in Science Fiction since...well, let's just say...a long time. But it seems that, at least in the last sixty years or so, their biggest influence has been in Science Fiction television.

1973 British Science Fiction TV Show Moonbase 3

So I came up with a list of 32 shows that are either little-known or simply forgotten. Most of these British Science Fiction TV shows are short serials of three to seven parts/episodes. But that doesn't make them any less quality entertainment.

I'll share the list with you and you tell me if you know of or remember any of them. It would be great if you would share your memories, good or bad, of the ones you remember.

I'm going to break this down into three posts so you don't have too much to read at one time. Now on to the list:

  1. Time Express (1979)
  2. Moonbase 3 (1973)
  3. Bliss (1995)
  4. First Born (1988)
  5. Space School (1956)
  6. The Nightmare Man (1981)
  7. The Changes (1975)
  8. The Escape of R.D. 7 (1961)
  9. Voodoo Factor (1959)
  10. Legend of Death (1965)
Ther are more than 32 of these great forgotten British Science Fiction TV Shows. But, quite honestly, the research to find them has been long and tiring. In the future, I may (O.K. probably will) continue the search. If you know of any, leave a comment and let me know so I can add to my list.

Look for the 2nd and 3rd parts of this post in a few days.

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I Richards said...

The Changes was a program that i watched as a child in the 70's the startling imagery of the program has stayed in my mind to this day. There were powerful scenes of unexplained destruction to machines and very eeire shots of electricity pylons that gave a sinister humming sound. Well worth a watch!

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