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Been In Stasis...Need Your Help...

I've been in stasis for awhile now and I need your help.

The Sci-Fi Dude is for You. Without your readership, there would be no point in it (other than to write down my thoughts, musings and insights on the world of Science Fiction...for myself).

So...I would like to ask you what You would like to see posts on The Sci-Fi Dude about. Would you like to see more Science Fiction Character posts? Science Fiction Classics? Science Fiction TV? Science Fiction Movies? Or would you rather see new and different topics? The chioce is Yours. If it's Science Fiction related, I'll consider any and all suggestions and do my best to work on as many of them as I can.

Send me your suggestions. Don't be shy. Simply click the "Contact" link on the top of the page (please don't use the reader reactions/comments link for this).

I'm really looking forward to your suggestions.

All hailing frequencies open!

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