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The Classic Science Fiction Channel...


If you're like me, you are (at least somewhat) disgusted with the offerings
of The Sci-Fi Channel (or SyFy as the've decided to call themselves). And,
if you're like me, you enjoy the classic Science Fiction---real Science Fiction.
From the days when Science Fiction was used to tell great stories or introduce

us to new ideas and concepts that got us thinking about the world around us
and the possibilities that may lie elsewhere. Not just an excuse to blow things

I've Searched...

I've searched and searched for those classic movies and TV shows. I have
found some, but nowhere near what I've looked for. Some examples: First  
Spaceship On Venus, Target Earth, Journey To The Seventh Planet,  
Space Patrol, & Tom Corbett Space Cadet.

...And Found...

What if I told you there was a place where these classic Science Fiction
movies & TV shows can be found? A place that is growing day-by-day,
doing all the time consuming and frustrating work. And all simply because
of a deep passion and love of our genre.

If somebody had told me that a few days ago, I would've said, "Yeah. Right!
It would take an entire SG team to do that. Nobody would do something like
that without getting paid."

...The Classic Science Fiction Channel!

I'm here to tell you that it's true! Thanks to the efforts of a true Science
Fiction fan, we now have: The Classic Science Fiction Channel. There are
many classics to find, as well as some of the better modern offerings. And
some you may not have thought about. I won't tell you any though, you
need to check it out for yourself.


If you are truely a Science Fiction fan, you owe it to yourself and the entire
Sci-Fi community to visit & bookmark this website & help spread the word.

Don't wait.

Quickly transport your mouse to: The Classic Science Fiction Channel.

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