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What's Coming Up On The Sci-Fi Dude

Thought I would let you know what you can expect from The Sci-Fi Dude in the future.

I'm trying to catch up my Science Fiction movies and will be posting reviews as soon as I can. Some of the movies I'm planning to watch are "First Spaceship On Venus," (1960) "Killers From Space," (1954) "Assignment: Outer Space," (1960) "The Phantom Planet," (1961) and "Battle Of The Worlds." (1963) There Are also some TV shows I need to catch up on, including "Dark Skies." (1996)

I'm doing some reading too. Mostly short story anthologies. The one I'm currently making my way through is "The 1978 Annual World's Best SF," edited by Donald A. Wollheim. I'll be doing some write-ups on the authors like Harlan Ellison & Clifford D. Simak & Joe Haldeman, as well as some thoughts on the stories.

There are several Science Fiction websites, from blogs to review sites to sites dedicated to one movie or TV show or author. I'll be thoroughly checking out all the Science Fiction based websites that I can and will post my reviews and critiques.

Basically, I'm emersing myself in all forms of Science Fiction and will be cluing you in on my thoughts.

If there is a particular Science Fiction movie, TV show, author, or website that you'd like me to check out, or just something you think I may not know about, click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page and send me an email.

The Sci-Fi Dude is going to be busy for awhile! Anybody got a time machine I can use? :)


David said...

Just to let you know I'm a big fan of old scifi movies so I anxiously await your reviews.

The Sci-Fi Dude said...

Thanks David. It's always great to meet fellow Science Fiction fans, especially of the classics.I've been behind lately, but right now we're kinda stuck with the roads covered with snow and ice so I'm hoping to have time to catch least some.

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