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Stargate Atlantis SG-1

Stargate Atlantis SG-1

As of this writing, the next episode of Stargate Atlantis (02/15/2008) will have an appearance of Teal'c. Here's my problem with that: how many times have we seen a former member of SG-1 join the Atlantis expedition?

Let's see, it started with Jack O’Neill. I think that was a move by the producers to merge the two casts and bring the die-hard SG-1 fans over to Atlantis, knowing SG-1 was making it's last trips through the Stargate before any of us did.

There was Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala showing up in Atlantis hoping the Ancients would help them locate Merlin's planet. A very weak, not to mention sneaky, reason to bring SG-1 to Atlantis.

Then, when it was time for Torri Higginson's Dr. Elizabeth Weir to go, the powers that be at NBC (who, in case you don't know, owns The Sci-Fi Channel) decided to bring on a former SG-1 member to step into the leadership role of Atlantis. It would've made much more sense to me to give that job to Sheppard.

Now we've got Teal'c and his muscles matched up with Ronin and his muscles.

I ask, is this really necessary?

Don't get me wrong. I will always love SG-1 and, while I'm not as fond of Atlantis, I would really like to see them make a go of things on their own merits. Why do Sheppard, Taela, Rodney, Ronin and the rest need the help of SG-1? Is this an attempt to further merge the two shows?

While I enjoy seeing the members of SG-1 in action again, what does this say about the Atlantis team?

To the powers that be at NBC and The Sci-Fi Channel, please let SG-1 rest and go out on top and allow the Atlantis team to impress and awe us with their own abilities. If we want to see SG-1, we'll watch the DVD's. If we want to see Atlantis, we'll watch the new eps. We don't need, "Stargate Atlantis SG-1!"

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