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A Change For Science Fiction Television

A Change For Science Fiction Television

It certainly was fun while it lasted. But all good things...must come to an end. We have to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. Science Fiction is, after all, about the future(for the most part) and with the ushering in of the future to become the present we must accept change. For without change, the future is, at best, futile.

And so it is with Science Fiction television, for The Sci-Fi Channel has decided to make a big move.

For a good while now (2-3 years), Monday nights in Primetime have been dominated by Star Trek: Enterprise. Of course, with four eps every Monday, it didn't take long to go along for the entire journey with Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the NX-01. I know I've seen the entire series several times since Enterprise's original run ended in 2005. And that's without catching all of them on Sci-Fi. And, quite honestly, I was beginning to get bored with it. So maybe it's good that it's being replaced.

What is replacing this fifth Star Trek series on Sci-Fi, you ask?

That would be a little show you just may have heard of. A show that was to be gone forever but has now been brought back because of its fans. Jericho: The Return will be on the air soon and so the Sci-Fi Channel has decided it would be a worthwhile investment to replace four hours of Star Trek: Enterprise with the original run of Jericho. Could this be a good move? I honestly don't know. I became bored with Enterprise after four seasons on air and then three more in reruns. With Jericho, I got bored after the first season.

But, since I'm not the only Science Fiction fan in the world(and maybe even other worlds :)), I'm hoping Jericho will be just what others want. Because what really matters most isn't so much which particular Science Fiction shows are on.

What matters most is quality Science Fiction.

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John Boy said...

Ya know, I like both shows but I wish Stargate(with Jack Oneil not Cameron Mitchell)wasn't cancelled. SG-1 was a lot better than Enterprise or Jericho. Maybe the sf channel can make a Stargate Channel.

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