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Science Fiction Classic #8--"Mewhu’s Jet" by Theodore Sturgeon

Science Fiction Classic #8--"Mewhu’s Jet" by Theodore Sturgeon

“Mewhu’s Jet,” our eighth Science Fiction Classic, tells the story of compassion between humans and aliens during a first contact situation.

"Mewhu’s Jet"—Theodore Sturgeon (first published in Astounding Science Fiction, November, 1946).

Spurred by the urgency of her tone, he went crashing outside. He found Molly standing rigid, trying to cram both her fists in her mouth at the same time. And at her feet was a man with silver-gray skin and a broken arm, who mewed at him.

Pick up a copy of, “Science Fiction: The Great Years, Volume II,” from Ace Books to read the whole of “Mewhu’s Jet.”

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“Brain Wave” from Poul Anderson will be the next Science Fiction Classic.

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