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Science Fiction Classic #9--"Brain Wave" by Poul Anderson

Science Fiction Classic #9--"Brain Wave" by Poul Anderson

“Brain Wave” is actually considered a novel by some. It is a rather long work to be included in an anthology. However, since it has been anthologized, I consider it as a short work of Science Fiction. Thus it’s inclusion in this series (along with its quality).

"Brain Wave"—Poul Anderson (first published in1954).

Insanity—yes, that had a lot to do with the collapse. There must be millions who had not been able to stand that sudden range and sharpness of comprehension. They hadn’t been able to handle their new power, and it had driven them mad.

“Brain Wave” has been anthologized in, “A Treasury of Great Science Fiction, Volume II

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Clifford D. Simak’s “Founding Father” will be next in our series of Science Fiction Classics.

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