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Science Fiction Classic #7--"Sanity" by Fritz Leiber

Science Fiction Classic #7--"Sanity" by Fritz Leiber

Number 7 in the Science Fiction Classics series comes to us from Fritz Leiber. “Sanity” isn’t among Leiber’s best known stories, but it definitely stands as strong on quality as many of his others:

"Sanity"—Fritz Leiber (first published in Astounding, April, 1944).

For a moment he grabbed frantically at nothing. Then he realized they were not falling and his eyes began to trail the hint of walls and ceiling and floor and, immediately below them, the ghost of a shaft.

The Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Masters: Volume I, published by TOR, is one of many Science Fiction anthologies where you can Fritz Leiber’s “Sanity.”

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Theodore Sturgeon’s “Mewhu’s Jet” will be the next Science Fiction Classic.

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