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Science Fiction Classic #6--"Asleep In Armageddon" by Ray Bradbury

Science Fiction Classic #6--"Asleep In Armageddon" by Ray Bradbury

One of the most well-known and talented authors ever, Ray Bradbury, is featured in the sixth Science Fiction Classic. Today’s excerpt is taken from Bradbury’s short story, “Asleep In Armageddon,” which features a spaceship wreck and the invasion of the human mind:

"Asleep In Armageddon"—Ray Bradbury (first published in Planet Stories, 1948).

The sun rose and was warm. He felt no sense of mortality. Six days would be no time at all. He would eat, he would sleep. He glanced at his surroundings. No dangerous animals; a tolerable oxygen supply. What more could one ask? Beans and bacon was the answer. The happy smell of breakfast filled the air.

Find a copy of the Science Fiction anthology, “Possible Worlds of Science Fiction,” published by Berkley, to read Ray Bradbury’s “Asleep In Armageddon.”

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The next Science Fiction Classic will be “Sanity” by Fritz Leiber.

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Hey I think your science fiction classics thing is cool. Good to know I'm not the only one that likes the oldies

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