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Science Fiction Classic #5--"To Serve Man" by Damon Knight

Science Fiction Classic #5--"To Serve Man" by Damon Knight

The fifth Science Fiction Classic serves up a story with an unexpected twist in the end. This story was the basis of an episode, of the same name, of the original Twilight Zone. In 2001, “To Serve Man” was awarded the "Retro" Hugo Award for Best Short Story.

"To Serve Man"—Damon Knight (first published in if, January 1953)

We got the title worked out in a few weeks. It was “How To Serve Man,” evidently a handbook they were giving out to new Kanamit members of the embassy staff. They had new ones in, all the time now, a shipload about once a month; they were opening all kinds of research laboratories, clinics and so on. If there was anyone on Earth besides Grigori who still distrusted these people, he must have been somewhere in the middle of Tibet.

You can read this classic of Science Fiction classics, along with others by Damon Knight, in the collection of his stories, “The Best of Damon Knight,” published by Nelson Doubleday.

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The next Science Fiction Classic will be “Asleep In Armageddon” by Ray Bradbury.

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