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Top 10 Science Fiction Movie Characters

Some of the most memorable movie characters have and continue to come from the Science Fiction genre. The reason is that these characters face extraordinary circumstance and must use extraordinary means to overcome them.

The following is a list of ten of the best Science Fiction characters of all time. The two criteria used are the strength of the creation(writing) of the character and the quality of the acting.

On to the list(in no particular order).

John Anderton:
Tom Cruise,
Minority Report(2002)

Spencer Olham:
Gary Sinise,

Robby Gallagher:
Val Kilmer,
Red Planet(2001)

Dr Clayton Forrester:
Gene Barry,
War Of The Worlds(1953)

Commander John J. Adams:
Leslie Nielson,
Forbidden Planet(1956)

Keanu Reeves,
The Matrix(1999)

Vin Diesel,
Pitch Black(2000)

Michael Rennie,
The Day The Earth Stood Still(1951)

Snake Plissken:
Kurt Russell,
Escape From New York(1981)

The Terminator:
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
The Terminator(1984)

There are, of course, tons more to choose from and these are my personal favorites. I’m sure you have your own opinion—which I’d love to hear.

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