A Science Fiction Lesson From The Twilight Zone: Mr. James B. W. Beavis

Mr. James B. W. Beavis lives life like most of us wish we could. He’s lost his job(the sixth one he’s had in the last year), and found out his landlord is evicting him(he’s six weeks behind in the rent). Yet he doesn’t let any of it bother him. “It’s been that way before,” he says, and goes on building his model ships, playing football with the neighborhood kids, and sliding down stairway banisters.

Nobody understands how he can be so carefree with his life in such a mess. They all know he’s rather quirky. After all, how many “normal” people enjoy zither music and constantly act like a grown-up kid?

But, think for a minute. Mr. Beavis is always friendly to everybody, doesn’t look down on others and always has a smile on his face.

Mr. James B. W. Beavis knows how to live life to it’s fullest. He gets every ounce of good stuff he can. What’s the point of life if you live every moment discouraged, downtrodden, and depressed? That’s a recipe for a heart filled with anger. And that effects every area of our life including our relationships.

I want to follow the example of Mr. James B. W. Beavis—–living carefree and full of joy.

Twilight Zone