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A Christian's Perspective On Science Fiction

 In a recent article, "Beware of Science Fiction" the author of the article ("the author" from here on) cites quotes from some of the top Science Fiction names in the history of the genre that, for the most part, confirms their atheism. While there may be no disputing these authors, and surely others as well,  had no use for Christianity, the conclusion the author draws on Christianity and the genre as a whole seriously troubles me. Actually, it infuriates me!!

But I'll try to stay cal here.

I am, and have been for 20 years, a Bible believing Christian. I am also a HUGE Science Fiction fan. And I don't deny either. Or one because of the other. There's no hiding the fact that I am a Christian Science Fiction fan. Whether anybody else likes it or not.

Yes, I do have to deal with individuals that claim to be Christians and look down on me because of my love of Science Fiction. The bottom line for me is...I love God first.

I think the real issue here is more about the fact that being a Christian is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In that relationship, if my love of Science Fiction is revealed to me to be wrong or a bad thing, I'll give it up in a heartbeat. But I won't tell anybody else that God wants them to do the same. I was a Science Fiction fan before I became a Christian. And God knew that. In 20 years time, God has not impressed upon me to shun my beloved genre.

A few points on Science Fiction form my Christian perspective is as follows:

  1. The imagination of the writers of Science Fiction is a testament to the awesome creativeness of God since, I believe, He created the Human mind. And Science Fiction is the most creative of any fiction out there (pun intended).
  2. The awesome display of possible other worlds and environments reminds me of just how magnificent God's creations are. And we don't really know what those other worlds are like. But we do know there are other worlds. Just look at the universe that real science can see!

Some Christians believe Science Fiction is negative and some don't. But to paint all Christians that are Science Fiction fans as "bad" or misinformed (which is the underlying message in the article) is sadly narrow-minded.

You simply cannot condemn the entire genre as inherently evil because some of the individuals involved were or are atheists. That's just the opinion of a part of the genre.

My conclusions on the matter are that the author is most likely not a fan of Science Fiction to begin with. If he were to spend some time with the genre, he just may see things differently. Then again, maybe the author should distance himself from the genre altogether.

Oh, and there are plenty of strong Christians that are some of the most creative minds behind the genre!

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