Your Clone—Family Member Or Pet…

Clones. A real possibility or not? I’m not talking about cloned sheep here. Let’s entertain the idea that human clones are, without a doubt, a reality. You could go have a clone made as soon as you get through reading this post. How would you handle having a clone?

Would you…send your clone to work for you while you stayed home and took it easy?

Would you…allow your clone to be experimented on in the hopes that a cure could one day be found for a genetic disease you may one day suffer from?


Would you…let your clone develop his or her own unique friends and interests?

Would you…be able to handle your clone leading his or her own separate life?

True, your clone would be your exact genetic duplicate down to the quantum cellular level. But they would be able to develop their own unique lives. Personalities, likes and dislikes, career paths and hobbies, relationships and even have their own family separate from yours.

Would you treat then like a family member you truly cared for, or more like a pet to do your bidding?

The ultimate truth is…clones are people too!