On October 13, 1961 Bill and Teena Mulder had a son whom they named Fox. The young Fox William Mulder was destined to become one of the best and brightest agents ever claimed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As well as the laughing stock of the country’s foremost investigative agency.

Fox’s younger years were filled with the things of normal boys. He loved playing baseball and climbing trees. He also enjoyed Science Fiction, evidenced by the fact that he was known to dress up as Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

As a teenager, he developed an affection for outer space. Though he never said he wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up, seeing the Space Shuttle launch when he was an adult was the fulfillment of a boyhood dream.

When Fox was twelve years old, his sister Samantha vanished mysteriously from their home. When an investigation came up dry, Fox became determined to search for and find his sister. That would become the driving force of everything he did in his adult life.

Eighteen-year-old Fox graduated from High School in 1979 and began his college career four years later when he enrolled in the University of Oxford in Oxford, England in 1983. He studied psychology and graduated with a first degree honors BA in 1986. Later that same year he entered the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

After graduating from the academy, Fox began his FBI career with in the Behavioral Science Unit(psychological profiling). He wrote a paper on serial killers and the occult, which was instrumental in catching a notorious killer in 1988. He also caught several other dangerous criminals. All of this quickly made the name of Fox Mulder a legend in the FBI.

Fox found the X-Files (cases deemed unsolvable and unexplainable by the Bureau) after undergoing regressive hypnosis in an attempt to remember the truth of what really happened on the night Samantha disappeared. It was then that he began to develop an interest, which turned into an obsession, in things of a paranormal nature.

With his newfound role as Lead Investigator of the X-Files, Fox developed a strong belief in the idea of alien abductions. He believed almost fanatically that Samantha’s disappearance was really an abduction.

Because of his new and, what some considered, outlandish ideas of alien abductions, alien invasions and government cover-up conspiracies, he was given the nickname of “Spooky Mulder.” Most others in the FBI laughed when he told them about his theories. Other agents couldn’t take him seriously and refused to work with him.

However, none of this deterred Fox in any way. In fact, it actually fueled his fire and determination to find proof that his ideas and theories were more than just the mindless fantasies of an obsessed brother trying to find a reason for what happened to his little sister.

Though FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder’s life and career began as typical as most, events throughout his life transformed him into the man he is today.

Spooky and all.