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My Favorite Science Fiction Spaceships

Okay. I know all over the Internet you can find Science Fiction related blogs that have posts like, "The Best Science Fiction Ships," or "The Top Whatever Ships In Science Fiction." Don't worry though. This isn't going to be the same old regurgitated kind of post. Though it is vaguely similar (because it is a list of Science Fiction Ships), this is simply my personal favorite science Fiction movie Ships (no TV ships, except the ones that have been both on TV and in movies. I'll post those at a later date).

There are no specific reasons for the ships listed, i.e. they're the biggest...baddest...fastest...coolest...sexiest, etc. They are just some of the ones I personally like. Don't ask me why because I can't tell you. I just like them.

There is no particular order. No #1 or #10. The ships are listed as I think of them. So, please, don't complain because a particular ship is listed before or after another. And, though I do encourage and want
comments, please don't get offended if a ship you think I should list isn't listed. That would be your favorite list. This is mine.

Enough with the preliminaries. On to the meat of this post...

Discovery One--2001 A Space Odyssey

The Event-Horizon--Event Horizon

The Icarus--Planet of the Apes

Imperial Star Destroyer--Star Wars

Klaatu's Ship--The Day The 
Earth Stood Still(Original)

NESA Protector--Galaxy Quest

United Planets Cruiser C57D--Forbidden Planet

The Nebuchadnezzar--The Matrix

Satellite Love MST 3000

Mellineum Falcon--Star Wars

Leonov--2010 A Space Odyssey


Scimitar--Star Trek Nemesis(Shinzon's Ship)


War of The Worlds Alien Ship (Original)

Valley Forge--Silent Running

Enterprise-E--Star Trek Nemesis,First Contact, & Insurrection)

So...these are my favorite Science Fiction movie ships. As you can see, they're from all across the board. Ships from the 1950's, to more recent ships. Like I said, this just my list of favorites. I would love to hear about yours...especially if it differs from mine.


Cowgirl Betty said...

Being a big Joss Whedon fanatic, I will hang my hat with Serenity.

But I grew up on Star Wars, so feel guilty about not listing the Millennium Falcon as my vote.

I also had a major crush on River Pheonix and Ethan Hawk as a tween, so I also need to give a nod to the Thunder Road in Explorers.

Lord, I'm not a Cowgirl, I'm a Cowgeek!

Cowgirl Betty said...

I would have to give a nod to River Pheonix's and Ethan Hawk's ship ThunderRoad in Explorers.

I continue to listen to my inner tween!

Joey Phillips said...

Great choice Cowgirl Betty! I can't believe I didn't think of ThunderRoad. And Serenity...awesome ship. For me there's so many great science Fiction ships, my brain can't seem to hold them all at one time. LOL

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