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Stargate Atlantis: Two Great Things!

This past Friday at 10pm was a glorious time for me! It was the newest episode of Stargate Atlantis.

And with this episode, two great things happened.

First was the continuing appearance of Michael Kenmore (the Wraith turned
Human turned Wraith), brilliantly portrayed by Connor Trinneer. I’m sure most of you know Connor was Charles “Trip” Tucker on Star Trek Enterprise. By far my favorite Enterprise character.

Could there be a character any farther from Trip than Michael? I don’t see it. This proves what I’ve said since the first season of Enterprise: Connor Trinneer is in the upper echelon of acting talent today.

I hope Michael continues to be a recurring character on Atlantis. He’ll be a big asset in keeping that Gate open.

Now, the second great thing from that episode was the return of Dr. Carson Beckett (since J.J. Abrams made a huge blunder not casting Paul McGillion as Scotty in the new Star Trek movie, a return to Atlantis is the next best thing).

Yes. He’s a clone. So what? At least he’s not a Replicator. Dr. Beckett (my favorite character—yea, I know. I’m probably in the minority) completes the Atlantis team with his blend of decency yet fear of the unknown, something he’s not afraid to admit, much unlike his close friend, Dr. Rodney McKay.

Before I saw the episode, I was expecting him to be a Replicator, thus, probably, a one off appearance.

But maybe the Science Fiction God’s are smiling on us.

Dr. Beckett is now in stasis with Atlantis’ medical team working overtime to find a cure for the degeneration of his cloned cells.

This makes me think that there may be a recurring return of Dr. Beckett to Atlantis. I’m hoping for a full-time return.

I know Rodney could really use a friend, back from the dead or not.

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