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"The Time Element" 1st Twilight Zone pilot Rejected by CBS...

The Time Element - Rod Serling (1958) by poiemajeremiah

This is the script/show that didn't sell "The Twilight Zone" to CBS. But it was picked up by Desilu as a one time show. After seeing the success of "The Time Element" CBS gave Rod Serling another chance and the episode, "Where Is Everybody" became the first (and historical) episode of the greatset Science Fiction anthology series in Television history.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I never thought about how important Rod Serling's intro was. I can't take Desi Arnez seriously.

Joey Phillips said...


I completely agree. I wonder if Desi's intro was the biggest reason CBS rejected it. I know one thing for sure--Rod Serling's intros really make The Twilight Zone The Twilight Zone. :)

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